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February 2019

Rimann’s Splash Sales offer popular, high quality products at amazing discounted values. These Splash Sales are effective from February 1st until February 28th and are available at Rimann Liquors of Lenexa and Rimann Liquors of Prairie Village while supplies last.


Four Roses

$ 19.99

It began when Paul Jones, Jr., the founder of Four Roses Bourbon, became smitten by the beauty of a Southern belle. It is said that he sent a proposal to her, and she replied that if her answer were “Yes,” she would wear a corsage of roses on her gown to the upcoming grand ball. Paul Jones waited for her answer excitedly on that night of the grand ball…when she arrived in her beautiful gown, she wore a corsage of four red roses. He later named his Bourbon “Four Roses” as a symbol of his devout passion for the lovely belle, a passion he thereafter transferred to making his beloved Four Roses Bourbon.

In 1888 Paul Jones had his office in downtown Louisville, Kentucky on the historic Main Street nicknamed Whiskey Row.  Claiming sales from the 1860’s, he bought the Frankfort Distilling Company and Four Roses was born.  From the late nineteenth century to prohibition, and then during the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, Four Roses was the top selling bourbon brand in the US.

The Four Roses Bourbon offers a warm caramel, vanilla and delightful bourbon spice.  Corn, honey, rye and malt sit side by side with some light fruit flavors which are less tropical and more orchard on the palate.  A bit of clove and a slight yeastiness rounds out the earthy undertones with lighter rye notes in the nose.

Neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail, it’s simply marvelous and definitely deserves a place in any home collection.


Big Red
Cabernet Sauvignon

$ 15.99

The Paso Robles wine region in California has earned a stellar reputation for wines of exceptional flavor and depth at modest prices, and we are excited to introduce you to the latest gem we’ve discovered from there: Big Red Cabernet Sauvignon.

Living up to its name, this Cab is full of bold, rich harmonious flavors of ripe plum, black cherry and berry fruit melding with subtle notes of loamy earth, vanilla and sage.  Modest tannins lead to a finish that is full of ever-lasting fresh fruit.  A premier example of Paso Robles quality at a tremendous price!



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